Todd Louis Green has left the range

Todd Louis Green, best know as the man behind, passed away today (March 15, 2016) after a long battle with cancer.

I never knew TLG nor had the opportunity to train with him, but he did leave quite a mark on me.

First, he had a great catalog of drills. Many drill lists are full of chaff and it’s hard to find the wheat. This curated list was all about the wheat. Trivia: I won the contest to name the “4×20 Transitions” drill 🙂

Second, the FASTest is one of the best drills and tests out there. So simple, yet it works so many things and proves to be one of the better challenging benchmarks out there. We’ve used it for some time at KR Training. In fact, Karl had some steel fabricated specifically so we could do the FASTest on steel (more reps, less taping/resetting).

Third, TLG was one of the biggest proponents of appendix carry. He wrote many solid things on the topic. If you’re going to carry appendix or consider it, you’d do yourself well to read everything TLG wrote on the topic.

Fourth, I love this dry-fire routine. I have it printed out in my stack of dry-fire materials. In fact, I started running through it again just the other day. It’s quite useful and logically formulated. If you use the principles he outlines, you can come up with your own routine.

Todd, thank you for what you gave to the world. You left the world a better place. What more can a man ask for out of his life?

5 thoughts on “Todd Louis Green has left the range

  1. Well crap. I had been following his blog before I ever heard of KR or that curious fellow named Hsoi.

    Godspeed Todd.

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