Open Carry vs. Level of Training

Newport News police are investigating after a man reported he was pushed to the ground and had his handgun stolen late last week…. He was wearing his handgun in a holster, open carry, on his hip, Eley said.

Emphasis added.

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The article continues telling about an informal survey about open carry vs. training.

Among those who responded, there was a clear trend.

A significant percentage of open carriers had no formal training at all (no, the various required concealed carry permitting classes are not training), and those who were serious students of armed self defense (most attended at least one defensive firearms class a year) almost never open carried by choice.

The more professional defensive firearms training someone had, the less likely they were to choose open carry.

So yeah… take from that what you will.

File it under “the more you know, the better decisions you can make”.

Also file it under “you don’t know what you don’t know”. But it seems the less you actually know, the more you think you know. Y’know?

As I’ve said before, I see no particular advantage to open carry (at least for myself), and I see a lot of downsides. It’s good to have the option, but just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Stay safe. Be smart. Get smarter (get training, get educated).

2 thoughts on “Open Carry vs. Level of Training

  1. as you know, i’ve spoken against the efficacy and strategy of open carry since it began to be discussed.

    but i am making at least one exception although i don’t rule out other exceptions for particular circumstances either–i’m not taking a black vs white stand.

    if you have a chl, you’ve always been able to carry in the car, but it has to be concealed and getting to it in that confined space is very problematic. when i got a derringer last year, i also got a driving holster. it’s a cross draw to you can reach across your body with your right hand to draw.

    now, if i’m just driving into the nearby small town where i grew up and know every street and the make-up of every neighborhood and where traffic jams are virtually unknown, i most likely won’t use this method. but if i have to go to austin or dfw or another big city where i can get trapped in traffic and not know any escape routes, then i plan to carry.

    of course, unless you stick your head into a window of the vehicle, you’re not going to be able to see the derringer, so this really doesn’t even count as ‘open’ carry. and if i have to exit the vehicle in an iffy place, i’ll revert back to concealed.


    • That’s why I appreciate having the OPTION to open carry, because there can be strategies and times where it can make sense. But, it needs to be an articulable, defensible, and reasonable strategy, not “just cuz”.

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