Signs, signs, everywhere there’s (ineffective) signs

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin police are looking for a man who robbed a South Austin jewelry store on Thursday afternoon. Police say the suspect came into Jared’s Jewelry store, located at 4301 W. William Cannon Dr., with a gun, and demanded property from the employees. The suspect was able to get away with an undisclosed amount of property.

Full story (emphasis added)

Jared’s Jewelry is well-established as being anti-gun. Here in Texas, every Jared’s store posts “30.06 signs” outside their entrances. People post “30.06” and other “no-guns” signs expecting those signs will keep guns (and crime/violence) out of their facility. The point of a “30.06 sign” is to prohibit lawful concealed carry inside the store; and that it does. The law-abiding citizens of Texas that are background-checked, fingerprinted, have passed other stringent tests and requirements, and been vetted by both the Texas and Federal government as demonstrably law-abiding, obey that sign.

You know who doesn’t obey that sign?

That guy that just robbed the Jared’s Jewelry store.

2 thoughts on “Signs, signs, everywhere there’s (ineffective) signs

  1. I keep having that conversation with people…..

    “Oh good, they put up a no guns sign, that’ll stop at least some of the guys with guns!”

    “Mass Murder is already a crime, with a pretty hefty penalty, how is adding the small penalty of carrying where they’re not supposed to going to stop someone who’s set on mass murder??”

    “It’ll make it against the law!!”


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