The 3M Test

A few years ago I tried to sort out “The Farnam Drill“. It was actually a pretty fun bit of research.

A few days ago, Lynn Givens of Rangemaster posted on Facebook about a “Farnam Dance”. After a little back and forth, we now have…

The 3M Test

The 3M Test isn’t a new test, per se. But rather it’s a test Tom Givens has run in his classes, and it appears has been refined over time. I had the good fortune to be exposed to the drill a number of years ago, and it’s one of my favorites because it’s a tough and comprehensive, but simple drill.

Because of it’s relation to The Farnam Drill, I have included it in that article. Click through to give it a read.

Try it out next time you’re at the range. Do it pass/fail.

4 thoughts on “The 3M Test

  1. Ok, after reading all that I’m a little cornfuddled on the rules of some of the other drills….

    I get the movement part. (I think)… Move, draw, shoot. Stoppage. Move, TRB, Move, Shoot. Empty gun. Move, reload, shoot 2 (or 3) more. Move.

    The way I read the description to one (or more) of the drills mentioned in the linked article it seemed like you were constantly on the move…. I had a weird mental image of a football player (in gear) pumping his legs while performing this drill…. But I digress…

    My brain has a very hard time visualizing these drills from the written word. I’ve been scouring Yooo Tooob for any relevant videos and my results have been close to nil. Lot’s of shooting on the move, lot’s of shooting drills. None specifically like the drill described.

    • That’s the impression I have in the “pure” DTI/Farnam versions of the drill… that you’re pretty much always moving and floating around. I could be wrong, but that’s also the impresion I came off with. But again, lacking direct training with John Farnam and having the direct personal 1st-hand experience, this is the best I can go on.

      Now that said, I have 1st-hand experience shooting Given’s 3M Test and on that you are NOT constantly moving. The movement is a side-step, then you plant yourself and shoot. You are not shooting and moving at the same time: you either are moving or you are shooting.

      • That’s good to know John. Thank you. I’ll likely try to setup a 3M drill next outing to the land we shoot on.

        If I had to be constantly moving I’m sure I’d fail… I have enough trouble with chewing gum, locomotion and breathing simultaneously! 😀

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