I’ll just leave this here

Look, I understand that being a disappointed idealist can make you bitter. But could you stop with the hate?

You can justify it as much as you want, but things like this are hate and propaganda. And they’re making matters worse. This isn’t going to change anyone’s mind. All it’s doing is reconfirming the self-righteousness and anger of your side and inflaming the anger of those who believe differently than you — because IT IS an attack.

More than that, it’s reinforcing a narrative, NOT demonstrating actual history. But who cares? It gives us the jollies of hating our fellow American and feeling superior. Which is halfway to justifying doing horrible things to one another. 

I am terrified with the direction this country is going with our love of our self-righteous hatred of each other. We don’t have to do anything to get along with those rotten bastards. Because they are wrong, they have to suffer the abuse, scorn and hatred we heap upon them. All the will feeling so morally superior because OUR ideology is superior. Or WE were the victims so whatever we do now is justified. Our rage makes us morally superior!

Here’s something to consider. Historically, the reason fascism arises and takes over is because many small groups are so busy fighting each other that things come to a grinding halt. It’s not just corruption, but the fighting and the hatred among the self-righteous takes precedence over — not just getting things done — but even keeping things running.

Our infrastructure is NOT unsinkable. Again, history shows us that when the battle over who runs it becomes more important to the combatants than keeping it going, that’s when fascism (or any other extreme system) takes over. And they can do it on little more than making the trains run on time and giving people jobs. Why? Because the different groups were so busy going at each other tooth and claw that they interfered with people putting food on the table.

If things EVER get to that point in this country, you will see fascism take over. And — at first — people will cheer at brutal suppression of these haters, because it’s their fighting that nearly caused things to collapse.

Right now you think it’s fine to hate and hold your fellow countrymen in contempt and scorn. You think it’s fine and self-soothing to verbally, emotionally, legally and even physically attack them because they are inferior wretches who have caused all the problems.

Try looking in the mirror and see how your hatred, self-righteousness, rage, bitterness, extremism and — not just refusal to reach across the aisle — but pillorying anyone who tries is adding to the problem.

Marc MacYoung

One thought on “I’ll just leave this here

  1. One of the oldest axioms in the book. Divide and conquer.

    This may sound a little ‘tin-foil-ish’ but, do you think much of this is by design? Look at those in power presently. Think ‘fundamental change’.

    It’s my belief we are already living in Fascist times with the too cozy relationships of Wall Street and our government.

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