Austin women, and self-defense

Local TV station KEYE did a good report in response to a couple sexual assaults that happened on the south side of town.

In the report, they interviewed Tina Maldonado, part of A Girl and A Gun woman’s shooting league, and graduate of numerous KR Training courses (disclosure: I’m an instructor at KR Training)

“We’re all responsible for our own self-defense,” said Maldonado. AGAG Club helps teach women safe and accurate shooting but also support, self-reliance and friendship. You can find a local chapter or learn more at

Maldonado says they may be ready to use a gun, but are taught to stay alert and avoid danger first. “You’re your best protection,” said Maldonado.

Another good snippet from the article:

Moy Yat Kung Fu Academy teaches free self-defense. It is different than martial arts. It is a class based on intelligent movement and intelligent choices. “Once you have to attack, once you feel you have to attack, there are no good options. You have to attack with as much aggression as you can in order to survive,” said Vyvial.

Indeed. People view the word “aggression” as a bad thing, but when you’re in a fight for your life (and sexual assault is just that), you want as much aggression as possible.

APD also shares these tips on protecting yourself:

  • Carry items that you can use if you need to call attention to your situation (examples: whistles and personal alarms)
  • Consider taking a self-defense class.
  • If someone tries to assault you, scream loudly or blow a whistle.
  • If you are walking or jogging, stay out of secluded or isolated areas. Arrange to do the activity with at least one other friend, rather than alone. It is best to do these kinds of activities during daylight hours.
  • Do not cover both of your ears with music headphones.
  • Avoid getting isolated with people you do not know or do not trust.
  • Be aware of where you are and what is around you.
  • Keep your cell phone charged and with you.
  • Stay away from deserted areas.
  • Try to appear strong, confident, aware and secure in your surroundings.

A good list of personal protection tips, for women and men. But I’d change a few things about it.

Don’t consider taking a self-defense class. Take one. “Considering” isn’t going to do you any good; you have to actually take classes and get knowledge, training, and skill.

Don’t try to appear strong, confident, aware, and secure, be strong, confident, aware, and secure. If you lack these, work on improving yourself and acquiring strength, confidence, awareness, and security. If you’re not sure where to start, drop me a line, or check out groups like A Girl and A Gun. This is your life; it’s not a time to “feel-good” and lie to yourself, it’s a time to take action and “be good”.