Smart vs. Dumb Self-Defense

It’s wonderful to see Adam from LowTechCombat back again. The website’s been revamped, and the articles are once-again being published.

His first post-revamp article is SMART SELF DEFENCE VS DUMB SELF DEFENCE (he’s from Australia, thus “defence”), and it’s a good one.

He’s right:

The sad fact is most in the self defence industry teach dumb self defence and really don’t encourage a lot of thinking from their students.


The dumb self defence approach is teaching people what to do when there is an attacker right in front of you; Nothing before that time.


This sort of practise is clearly needed. These are the sorts of skills you need when everything else has failed. As a last resort, you need to know what to do when there is an attacker standing in front of you. We cannot wish this possibility away.

The real problem comes when this approach (an attacker is right in front of you) is your only approach to self defence. This makes it dumb self defence.

Self-defense should not start when it’s too late. What’s the best self-defense? Never having to defend yourself. This usually means awareness, avoidance, deterrence, de-escalation.

And like Adam alludes to, none of this is sexy, none of this is particularly fun to study and train (at least on the surface, to many people). But if there’s anything that’s really going to keep you safe and out of harm’s way, that’s what will do it.

Always remember John Farnam’s famous quip: “Don’t go to stupid places; don’t associate with stupid people; don’t do stupid things. We will add to that, be in bed by 10 o’clock.” That’s pretty much awareness, avoidance, deterrence, de-escalation, and it’s what helps you live a safer, better life.

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