Just because you can doesn’t mean you should

Yeah I know. You want to open carry because it’s your God-given right or whatever. Or because the legal boundaries have been expanded here in Texas so it’s novel.

Greg Ellifritz posted the following to his Facebook page. What he wrote accompanies a video. I will not repost the video here, but basically it’s surveillance video of 2 police officers in Venezuela, ordering/paying for their lunch. As they do so, a group of men come up behind them — one man sticks his gun to the back of cop 1’s head and shoots him, then turns and shoots the other cop as his cohorts close in.

Why do they do this? It’s obvious in the video: they want the policemen’s guns. They come up, ambush and kill the cops, take their guns, leave.

Greg writes:

Watch this video of two police officers being assassinated. It’s from Venezuela. In that country, gun control makes it impossible for the average citizen to legally own a gun. Criminals there specifically target cops to steal their pistols.

This is the big problem I have with open carry. No one can stay 100% aware of his surroundings at all times. You open carriers don’t think this could happen to you? Wake up. You too could be distracted in a public place ( like this officer paying for his meal in a restaurant) and have a criminal walk up behind you and take the shot.

I have to carry openly as a cop. I would prefer not to, but that isn’t an option. I won’t further enhance my risks for a crime like this by doing it in my off duty hours as well. Be smart. Keep your force options hidden until you need them.

Emphasis added.

And if you think you’re so impervious, that your “head is on a swivel”, that you’re always in Condition Yellow, that your awareness levels are awesome and this will never happen to you, that you’ll be able to take on a determined and well-armed group of men who have zero regard for you and just want what you have… well, I hope you’re right, and I hope your luck never runs out.

Again, I’m all for improving the legal standing of open carry. However from a tactical perspective it’s fairly weak and opens you up to and potentially invites a whole slew of larger issues.

Remember why it is that you carry a gun and try to act humbly and accordingly. If you carry a gun so you can be sure to go home each night to your family, continue to conduct yourself in the manner to best enable that, y’know?

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