What is the value of training?

As 2015 begins and you make resolutions about how this year is going to be different, have you considered getting more training?

Whatever it is that you engage in, or think you might engage in. How about taking a class to improve your gun handling skills? How about medical skills, like knowing about tourniquets and other ways to stop bleeding and save lives? How about becoming better prepared for emergencies, but you never knew where you start — maybe an introductory class is the best place to start.

Humans are born knowing little — we must acquire knowledge, and the more we acquire, generally the better off we are in life. There is value in training, and see what you can do to add some to your efforts for 2015.


Firearms instructors are periodically asked the question “Why should I take training?” The answer often comes in the form of a list of skills that are taught or the reasoning behind using a certain technique. However, these do not address the underlying fundamental reasons for taking firearms training at all.

  1. You don’t know what you don’t know.
  2. Much of what you know is wrong.
  3. It’s good to have some of the answers to the test before taking it.

These issues relate to both technical competency with using a firearm (gun safety and marksmanship) and the ability to use the firearm correctly in a personal protection situation (legal and tactical).

You don’t know what you don’t know.

Shooters who only take their gun to an indoor range once a year “to sight it in” generally have a highly ‘cocooned’ knowledge of firearms. They know how to operate a firearm in a…

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One thought on “What is the value of training?

  1. Just found you’re blog. Thank you for caring and taking time to share you’re insights. As a student and Instructor, you’re blog will serve as a as a valuable resource . Thanks, Dennis

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