It’s Winter – Can you access your stuff?

And so with the changing of the seasons comes the changing of the clothing we wear. Yeah, there’s that one guy we all know from high school that wore shorts all year, but most of us start to wear more clothing – including coats and gloves – when the weather gets colder.

So can you still do all you can do with all this extra clothing?

How accessible are your pockets?

How accessible are the things on your belt?

If you’re wearing gloves, can your fingers still get to where they need to get to, without having to remove those gloves? And if you’re wearing mittens, what major changes will you need to make (including getting rid of the mittens).

What might you need to change to accomodate? New clothing? Modifications to the clothing? Different techniques?

What might you need to practice?

Take a few minutes and give things a try. Make sure things you need to get to you can get to, quickly. If you cannot, figure out the adjustments you need to make.

Better to find this out and work out a solution now, before the flag flies.

2 thoughts on “It’s Winter – Can you access your stuff?

  1. And it isn’t just can you access your gear but can you even run it in the cold.

    I was in Wichita Kansas two weeks ago. High temp was a blistering 25 degrees — on the last day I was there.
    I had trouble operating car keys after a few minutes. I had noticeable loss of feeling in my fingers if I didn’t wear gloves for even a few minutes.

    Think I’m going to try a new drill (starting with unloaded firearms) — holding onto a bag of ice and salt mix for a few minutes…..then trying to shoot the CHL qualification strings.

    Bob S.

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