KR Training November 2014 Newsletter — Including 2015 schedule of classes

The KR Training November 2014 newsletter is out.

Biggest news from there is the 2015 class schedule is also available.

There’s already some great guest instructors coming, like Caleb Causey, Ben Stoeger, Tom Givens, SouthNarc, and Massad Ayoob.

The 2015 schedule does have some room for more classes, so if you don’t see a class you’ve been wanting to take, drop a line and request it!

I would say it’d be wise to plan for classes now and reserve if you can. Classes do tend to fill up, and you may need to plan ahead due to circumstances (e.g. ammo purchases).

BTW, for those of you that like to carry small guns in the summer? We’re going to offer our Defensive Pistol Skills Back-up Gun class twice this year. We believe this to be an important class. We KNOW you like carrying small guns in the summer, and shooting such small/pocket guns is more difficult than full-sized pistols that we tend to prefer to shoot. If you’re going to carry it, you ought to ensure you’re proficient with it. So now you’ve got 2 chances to take the class — take advantage of that opportunity. 🙂

See you on the range in 2015!

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