How to Intimidate People

VICE has an interesting article titled “How to Intimidate People: Pro Tips from Drug Dealers, Hostage Negotiators, Bouncers, and Drag Queens“.

It’s a useful read for anyone, but readers of my blog tend to be those interested in topics like self-protection. While intimidation isn’t always considered a positive action to undertake, sometimes it can be a useful skill for self-preservation. I mean, the article frames itself as a bully response:

It started in the playground, where that sweaty bully dished out bad insults and made you feel like a putz. Years later, you’re still being intimidated: on the street at night, in job interviews, at pickup basketball games, when someone says something nasty to you in the bar—in all these situations you’re stuck being the victim rather than the aggressor, the one who has to back down while your tormentor makes that shit-eating grin at you. Don’t you wish there was a way to shut him or her up, to force that clown into a humiliating retreat? Not by throwing a punch, of course, since that could end with you in a jail cell or badly beaten or both. You’re going to win this fight without it ever becoming a fight.

The problem is, not everybody has a natural knack for intimidation. Practice makes perfect, but since firsthand research in this field can be slightly hazardous, I thought I’d get some pointers from a group of individuals who are skilled in getting the bullies of life to back the fuck off.

Indeed. If you can avoid a fight with a little “verbal judo”, that’s certainly a preferrable way to go. Yes, the article framing does seem to have a bit of assholeness to it, a bit perhaps of “revenge”, but ignore the author’s hyperbole and give the article a read.

The information here? It may be useful for your own use. It may be also useful so you can recognize it so perhaps you won’t become a victim of such intimidation. In the end, it’s knowledge.

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