Why can’t we just ban “crazy”?

A couple horrible stories in the news recently. But I think ones that are worth your consideration due to their greater implications.

One was about 4 NYPD officers attacked by a crazy man with a hatchet. Another was about a beheading of an Oklahoma teenager.

From what’s been reported so far, it seems what we’ve got are some random people with a heavy dose of “crazy”, attacking other people with an intent to inflict harm and death in a horrible manner due to their crazy.

Where are the calls for hatchet bans? or machete control? Because you know if these attackers used guns, it would become fuel for those bent on banning guns. Why aren’t we seeing calls to try to control this sort of violence? Is this sort of attack somehow less worthy of your political attention?

Or maybe perhaps it’s not about the tool/weapon. I mean, I think it’s pretty clear what’s in play here isn’t guns or hatchets or machetes, but plain old crazy.

So why aren’t we working to ban crazy? I mean, if bans are so effective at stopping things, don’t you think a law against crazy would be the most effective solution?

Of course we know there’s no reality in making that solution happen. Thus we look for other solutions, often things like “gun control”.

But let me ask you something.

Look at the NYPD hatchet case. What got things to stop? Was it legislation? Was it a ban on hatchets or the fact that murder is already illegal? Did they pee or vomit on their attacker? Was it talking to the attacker, be it begging and pleading, words of love and kindness, or stern words?

No. It was a swift and violent response on the part of the NYPD officers, using guns to stop the attacker. There was no ability to call for help; only the people immediately on site right there right then were able to respond.

Are guns, and swift, violent responses always the right answer? Certainly not! In fact, the overwhelming majority of problems in our world are not going to be rightly solved by the muzzle of a gun. However, there are some problems in this world that cannot be solved any other way.

For every solution you offer as an alternative, I ask you to consider the viability of that solution — with intellectual honesty. Would you equip those NYPD officers with your solution? Will your solution enable them to go home to their loved ones at the end of their shift? Will your solution be effective at keeping other innocent people on the NYC street from being brutally murdered? Will your solution effectively stop the danger, the madness, the crazy?

What if you were faced with the same imminent danger? If someone were charging at you wielding a hatchet with every intent on embedding it in your skull, can you honestly believe your solution will keep you alive? Are you willing to put it to the test?

A ban on crazy – just like most bans – doesn’t stop bad things from happening. Effective solutions may not always be palatable, but we must always be honest in finding and applying those solutions.

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