Austin PD carrying tourniquets

This morning at the gym I had a brief interaction with a couple members of the Austin Police Department. Seems a shop a few doors down from the gym was burglarized overnight. They came over to ask me questions (if I saw anyone, etc.). Very professional, very good interaction.

I noticed on one officer’s duty belt a tourniquet! It looked like an Eleven10 Rigid case for a C-A-T. I briefly commented on it and was told “they all have them now”. (but I was only able to see the one on the one officer’s belt).

I don’t know when APD started carrying tourniquets, and I don’t know if it’s department mandate, if the equipment is standardized (e.g. C-A-T only, SOF-T, their choice; the belt pouch, etc.) or what. But whatever with the details, it’s just very cool to see APD carrying tourniquets.

2 thoughts on “Austin PD carrying tourniquets

  1. Damage Control?
    In so many ways; easy joke is if they shoot the wrong person, they need to be seen trying to save them at least.

    On the other hand, the cops are often the first people on the scene of horrendous accidents so having that life saving equipment on their belt is a good thing.

    Bob S.

    • I’m not going to be cynical about it; just happy to see that more and more people are seeing the light about the importance of TQ’s and how having one on your person is a useful thing… especially for “first responders”.

      Because you hit it right. We think so much about “gunshots” but really, how many gunshot wounds does a person not LEO or MIL see in a year? But how many car accidents have you driven past? Bleeding is bleeding, and being able to control it to buy time for EMTs to show up to buy time to get someone to a hospital… hey, all good.

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