Six Reasons You Will Lose a Street Fight

A short, to-the-point article from Razor Fighting Dynamics. Since I know people don’t like to click through, here’s a summary:

  1. You let your attacker throw the first punch
  2. You don’t walk away
  3. You judge a person by how they look
  4. You let your attacker get to close
  5. You think fighting is fair
  6. You got into a fight in the first place

Pretty much. Yes, click through and read the article, because the elaborations of those points are important.

Truly, avoidance is the best strategy.

4 thoughts on “Six Reasons You Will Lose a Street Fight

  1. John thank you for posting this. Tony Reyes is spot on. Avoidance is always the best.

    De-escalation and avoidance were key items taught to me when I got my CHL. Failing that don’t allow the potential attacker into your space.

    If your attacker fires the first shot (or first thrown fist) you’ve lost the fight.

    Other words I try to live by: “Do Not Go to Stupid Places with Stupid People to do Stupid Things at Stupid Times”

    As I get older, slower and more decrepit the last thing I want to do is go one round with a drunk/stoned belligerent jackass no matter how capable they may be.

    Anyhow, that is a good short read and more than worth the time to read and absorb.

    • We all have to accept, admit, and understand that we won’t always be big, strong, 20-somethings. Or that some of us just never will be big, strong, 20-somethings. And that even if we are, there’s going to be someone bigger, stronger, younger, faster, and he’ll probably bring along a couple friends too. So in the end, no matter what, we can always be the person at the disadvantage. In the end, avoidance is vital and works well for anyone and everyone, and is what can help us maintain advantage.

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