Standards of Performance

Karl emailed the following to me. He said:

I put this together for Kathy Jackson to use as part of her talk at
the AG&AG conference next week. If you want to use it on your blog, go ahead.

It’s going to become part of a larger article I’m putting together based on my slides from the Polite Society talk.

I asked what the greater context of this was, given the percentages. Karl said:

Kathy is trying to show the AG&AG Facilitators (club leaders) some points along the path to instructor level skill, or at least reasonable competence.

So with that, here’s what Karl provided (reformatted for presentation). Karl’s stuff is blockquoted, and I added some additional comments in between.

A reasonable skills progression to recommend:

0. Purchase a shooting timer. The Pocket Pro I is the ‘best buy’ on the low end of timers, and the easiest to operate. Without a shooting timer, you can’t fully measure performance.

Note that there are some cheaper options too, in the form of “shot timer” apps for smartphones (both iPhone and Android). Your mileage may vary with them however, just due to limitations of the hardware microphone being able to pick things up. IMHO it’s not an unreasonable way to start, but long-term you’re going to want to pick up a dedicated and proper shot timer.

1. 100% on the Texas CHL test shot using an IDPA or IPSC target, not a B-27. IDPA/IPSC has a smaller A-zone. Shooting 100% on Texas CHL is basically 25% of GM.

Note: when Karl gives “percent of GM” he’s referring to IPSC/USPSA Grandmaster-level. This isn’t to say you need to shoot at that level, but it gives you some idea of where things lie along the continuum.

2. Learn to draw from an open carry holster and be consistent i your shot to shot timing.

Bill Drill = par time of 5 seconds at 7 yards with all A’s on IPSC or IDPA target. That’s a 40% goal.

Aside: just a few weeks ago, Bill Wilson himself (creator of the “Bill Drill”) discussed a new version of the Bill Drill, called simply enough “Bill Drill 2“.

3. Learn to do a speed reload. Practice “Four Aces” with a par time of 7 seconds, which is 37%.

4. Learn a slide lock reload. Practice the FAST drill. Set a par time of 12 seconds, from open carry. This is a 40% goal.

5. Learn how to draw from concealment, practice shooting one handed. Shoot a perfect score (100 points) on “Three Seconds or Less“. That’s a 50% goal.

6. Learn how to clear malfunctions. Practice the “Farnam Drill“. Set a par time of 15 seconds, which is around 50%.

Finally, shoot the IDPA Classifier (also found here) with a goal of shooting at least 160 seconds (162 is 40%, 130 seconds is 50%).

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