towards perfection

These days a lot of people see me as a finicky and nit-picking type of person. It’s because when I look at software, I look at it through this ambitious, striving for perfection type of lens that I picked up from Apple. And I hasten to add that I don’t think my products are by any means perfect. It’s the thing about perfection. It’s really hard, probably impossible. But what Apple does is strive for it anyway, even if it’s impossible. I came to respect that attitude very much, to the point that I can no longer relate to people who don’t share that view.

– Daniel Jalkut (emphasis added)

I accept the trade-offs that come in life, and especially in software development. I mean, sometimes you gotta ship if you want to keep the lights on so you can keep working towards that perfection. Besides, rarely do we achieve perfection right out of the box; usually it requires a lot of time, trials, iterations, failures, and effort.

I just don’t like it when people take satisfaction in shoddy, or accept “half-assed” as “good enough”.