I learned about the Snagmag at the SDS Conference.

One of the attendees showed it to me, as it was his way of carrying a spare magazine.

Now, I haven’t tried it and cannot vouch for how well it works, but the design did intrigue me.

First, it’s a way of carrying a spare magazine, which is important. Maybe you won’t have to reload or deal with malfunctions, but maybe you will. One of those “better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it” sorts of things.

Second, it’s probably a more comfortable way of carrying it. Some people can do the IWB spare mag thing, but lots of people report on it being uncomfortable. Plus, if the gun is IWB and the mag is IWB, that means you need a lot more waist size in your pants, which isn’t always practical. Plus, when you get into clothing with such a larger differential, other parts of the pants are going to be made larger as well, which can just make fit and comfort difficult.

In addition to comfort, it just gets things off your belt. Even if you carry the mag OWB, it’s still another thing on the belt, bulk, etc.. If those issues keep you from carrying a spare mag at all, this may provide you with a solution.

Third, it hides well. It’s not uncommon to see clips on pant pockets for pocket knives, so it just blends in. Granted, one downside is if you do the Insights Training Center practice of having 2 folders (one in each pocket), well… you lose one here. But not everyone follows that approach.

But the big thing about it is it may solve a lot of the problems with pocket carry of mags. I see many solutions for pocket carry of a spare mag, and while they tend to work, they tend to be predicated upon fit and friction. That is, they use fit of the pocket vs. fit/size/structure of the pouch in such a way that the pouch doesn’t fit well in the pocket, so the pouch intentionally hangs up when you “draw” leaving the pouch in the pocket but the magazine comes out. Friction is used as well, to aid in the pouch hanging up. Alas, this depends a great deal upon the pocket itself. Tighter pockets and it may not fit at all. Looser pockets, larger pockets, and there may be no hanging up. One solution is to have numerous pocket pouches, but that grows cumbersome and expensive. This Snagmag could help solve things because it doesn’t rely upon pocket construction to work in conjunction with the design. Granted there’s still some construction requirements (e.g. pocket needs to be deep enough, etc.), but it seems far less sensitive to such issues.

Again, I haven’t tried this product at all so I cannot vouch for it, recommend it, or anything. But I did think the approach was novel (and based upon known approaches, like the Emerson Wave), and could be useful for folks.

3 thoughts on “Snagmag

    • Again, I cannot vouch for this product at all. I did get to see one and hold it a bit, but I don’t own it, haven’t tried it under ideal range conditions, haven’t tried it under pressure, stressed, and tired. So I cannot vouch. But it did seem to be based upon some solid enough concepts, and it seemed reasonable enough.

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