Got out of bed this morning? You’re one of the lucky ones.

Apparently 600 people in America die every year getting out of bed.

Imagine that. You wake up in the morning, and fall out of bed… and that’s it.

600 people in America each year. I wonder what worldwide numbers are; I’m sure higher.

If we assume that’s a steady number, that means in the past 20 years 12,000 people have died just getting out of bed.

Damn. Makes you want to stay in bed all day, huh? 12,000 people dying just getting out of bed.

You know what? Only 543 people have been killed in mass shootings over the past 20 years. That’s about 27 per year.

543 vs 12,000

27 vs 600

22 times more people die getting out of bed, than from mass shootings.

Yes, we can agree that’s still too many senseless deaths.

There’s also a matter of perspective.

If your efforts to ban guns is because you want to save innocent lives from senseless deaths, then why aren’t you putting 22x more effort into banning beds? or making beds safer to reduce the body count to zero? Where’s your fight for legislation to ban beds entirely, making everyone sleep on the floor? or to mandate bed heights, that beds can only be so high off the floor?

If truly your primary concern is preserving life, first pick off the low-hanging fruit that will make a difference in preserving lives. Heck, what are your first aid and field medicine skills like? Do you know CPR? What are you actually doing that will make a more significant and meaningful impact towards saving lives?

I’m not saying you should stop your efforts to ban guns. If truly you believe that’s a right and just fight, go for it. What I am saying is if your primary concern is preserving life, then first focus your finite energy and efforts on those things that will have a greater and more significant impact on preserving lives.


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