The importance of fit

Watch this video

It’s some amazing hog hunting with a bolt action rifle.

And after you finish watching and rewatching his skill with that rifle, think about what he talks about.

He talks about gun fit. He talks about how important it is for the gun to fit you if you want to shoot fast and shoot well.

Notice, no talk of caliber?

Yes I know it’s about rifles, but rifles, shotguns, handgun, it applies to any of them. Hardware matters. If you have bad hardware, you’re just not going to shoot as well can you could with good hardware. There is a limit of course ; get a Sauer rifle and you won’t shoot as well as this guy, but it’s evident the Sauer rifle allows him to shoot better than a low-quality rifle or a rifle not set up for him. It is primarily about the skill of the person, but skill can be hampered or enhanced with the right tools.

Gun fit matters more than the other things The Internet tells you is important.

If you’re in the market for a handgun, check out this reference for how to choose a handgun.


3 thoughts on “The importance of fit

  1. I have always preached “fit” as it is integral to being an accurate as well as safe shooter. I recently picked up a Gen 4 Glock 17. The grip is a bit to large, and bites the web of my hand when shooting. Great thing is that it comes with changeable grip parts, allowing for a custom fit. “Crowding” will always be a problem for off the shelf firearms. See a good Smith, and have your weapon properly fitted to you. The results can be amazing!

    • It’s something folks have to overcome: the fear of modification. Granted, some modifications are arguable to not do out ot mechanical or legal matters. But certainly some others can work out alright. For example, just had a student in class whose finger was being rubbed raw by the serrations on the trigger face. Take it to a smith and smooth it out. Viola.

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