If stats are any indicator….

If my blog stats are any indicator, a lot of people spent their Labor Day at the gun range… then came home to research why they couldn’t hit anything. 🙂

My post on “correcting handgun shooting problems” is the most popular page on my site.

Frankly, targets like that might tell you something about what you’re doing wrong, but they don’t really do much to help you correct it. This is where the watchful eye of a good instructor is invaluable. But since that’s not workable for some, here’s some generic advice.

Learn to press the trigger. Not pull, not squeeze, but press. Your flinch, your slapping/yanking/jerking of the trigger is likely your problem. Dry fire is your friend. Wall Drill will help. Then when you go to the range for live fire, ball & dummy drill. Work on accuracy first, speed second.

As well, think about adopting an improved mindset, one where it’s not a miss, it’s an unacceptable hit.

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