But he was unarmed!

There are those that make great effort to point out how someone was “unarmed” when they were shot/killed.

This is typically done in an attempt to make a case of wrongful force disparity. That is, if A has a gun and B has only hands, then A is automatically at the advantage, B automatically at the disadvantage, and thus it’s wrong for A to use the gun to stop B because B was “unarmed”.

This isn’t dueling.

There aren’t any gentlemanly rules.

This isn’t sport where we strive to contrive an environment of “equal footing” and a “level playing field”.

This also isn’t necessarily murder or some other accusation you wish to cast upon A merely because A had a gun and B didn’t (blanket statement; each particular case should be examined on its own circumstances, data, and merit).

What this is is a failure to understand what sort of damage an “unarmed” person can do.

Tim has written a good article explaining the sort of damage an unarmed person can do. It has pictures and video to demonstrate.

Being “armed” or “unarmed” does not correlate to the level of danger one can pose to others. There are folks that are armed and not dangerous, and there are those that are unarmed and quite dangerous. We should not assume that having a gun means one is dangerous and not having a gun means one is harmless. Issues of use of force, force disparity, and self-defense are more complex than media hysterics and ignorant Facebook posts make it out to be.

6 thoughts on “But he was unarmed!

  1. I have been knocked out cold twice from simply hitting my head- once on concrete and once on an ambulance floor. No bumps ever rose on my head.
    We were caring for an unconscious teenage ‘child’ who was way smaller than me. Partner was driving to hospital when ‘child’ woke. She BROKE the seat belts off and proceeded to wave me around like a rag. Took partner and 3 cops to stop her. Ten years later, the stripes my boot heels put on the ceiling were still there. Felt sorry for George since I first heard about the incident. Keep up the truth telling!

    • You raise a point that many often don’t consider: hitting your head.

      The punch may not knock you out, but if it causes you to stagger, fall, hit your head on something (e.g. wall, tree, pavement), then THAT could very well be the end of things for you. Like it or not, YouTube brings us tons of footage of fights and it’s seen quite often of someone getting knocked to the ground, then the stomp-fest begins. If you are knocked out by the fall, you don’t stand a chance when the boots start impacting your head.

      It’s horrible, but it’s the reality that a lot of anti- folk aren’t aware of.

  2. According to FBI crime statistics more people are killed by hands/fists/feet than by rifles (including the evil black ones)…

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