Do you have ownership over yourself?

Do you own yourself? Do you have ultimate dominion over yourself, your body, your mind?

Or does someone else, like the state?

An interesting question put forth by Nico Perrino

Do you own yourself?

It seems like a simple question, doesn’t it? Not so, apparently. It has always been my belief that I own myself. That the individual is sovereign. That my body and mind is a ship that only I can captain, that only I can steer. This is one truism that I have always taken for granted. Call me naïve, but I didn’t think many people thought otherwise because to do so would be to admit to a state of enslavement.

Thinking about it, I guess I figured I always had ownership over myself. I cannot fathom it otherwise, that someone else could own me. I mean, ever since my childhood exposure to “Free to Be… You and Me” I thought we had that sort of freedom, right? OK, maybe my Mom has some right and dominion over me, but Mom’s get special dispensation here. 🙂  And even tho I take others into deep consideration, like Wife, ultimately I still own me, I still control me.


I mean, if it’s “my body, my choice”, doesn’t that imply one has ownership over themselves? That they do not want the State to interfere and control them? That you do not want the State to interfere with, control, dictate, harm, you?

From that, doesn’t it also flow that then you must take responsiblity for yourself? That you cannot, should not, and/or are unwilling to delegate ownership, control, and responsibility for yourself and your life to someone else, like the State?

The cognitive dissonance I’m experiencing here is saying it’s my body, it’s my choice, that on the one hand one doesn’t want the State involved in my life and controlling me, telling me what I can and cannot do. But then on the other hand, demanding the State control me and alleviate me of being responsible for myself, and telling me what I must do. Look around at the mainstream political issues going on right now, be it abortion, birth-control, self-defense, health care, whatever. Doesn’t matter what mainstream media, talking head, or politician we look at, because just about all are guilty of this behavior in some manner or other.

I don’t get it.

But this seems to be a common affliction these days, of wanting things that we perceive will achieve our desired end, even if the means conflict, even if the means are inconsistent, even if the means are hypocritical. But in many regards, it comes back to one issue:

A desire to alleviate the need to be responsible for yourself and your actions.

We want the good and not the bad. We want the benefits and not the cost. We want the glory but not the sacrifice. And if someone has to pay, you will pay for me.

And are you willing to give up your ownership over yourself to get there? I’m not, but apparently many are. Worse, they want to force me to do the same.

Wither society.

8 thoughts on “Do you have ownership over yourself?

    • Yeah, abortion vs. reproductive rights vs. state-funded/sponsored contraception, etc…. all falls into this too. As do so many other topics.

  1. Years ago, the county decided that we would be subject to random blood draw drug testing. As union steward, I objected very strongly. The shock to me came when the majority of my co-workers objected to my objection. They said if I had nothing to hide, where was the problem?
    An attorney called my house asking about my neighbors. I would give no info. The man said that was OK, he’d keep calling folks in the area because someone would tell. He said I would be shocked to know how willingly people tell other folks business.

    • The whole “if you have nothing to hide” approach is dangerous. I understand why people think that, but they need to think deeper. For example, if you have nothing to hide, I reckon you’d have no problems with me photographing you naked and posting it online for the world to see? If you have nothing to hide, show me your paycheck stub, credit card statements, income tax paperwork, etc. and let me post it online for the world to see.

      Yes, we all have something to hide… even if it’s not “bad”.

      As for the phone call…. I had a similar experience. Got a call one day from a collection agency trying to nail down a neighbor of mine. I refused to give information because their financial problems are none of my business and I don’t want to get involved. The guy on the phone was pretty nasty to me, and I filed a complaint with the State’s Attorney General’s office. He actually responded to my complaint that he did nothing wrong. Legally? Perhaps not. Morally tho, in my book, it was horrible. But yeah, they wouldn’t take that tactic if it didn’t work most of the time…. sad as it is to say.

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