Is your Austin neighborhood a crime spot?

krimelabb is a fantastic website for Austin residents.

I can’t find this posted off their main website, but I did see they posted this to their Facebook page: Neighborhood Crime Analyst.

Plug in the name of your neighborhood and see what’s going on there.

More interesting? the People/Places search.

Put in your zip code. See who the frequent offenders/arrestees are. See the mug shots of the top 20 offenders in your zip. See where the crime hotspots are. See business complaints.

I looked at the hotspots for my area. No surprise really that along I-35 was the highest rate of offense (DWI’s, crashes, thefts at the shopping centers, etc.). There’s an Austin Police Department substation in my area, and they were up there too; I’m sure that’s a matter of accounting. Of course, the local HEB grocery store had a lot too, and you might be shocked to see how much shoplifting and theft goes on in a day (and note, this only lists the ones that get caught).

What got me was the other high crime hotspots were apartment complexes. That’s not too surprising because you have a higher concentration of people at one address. I’d be curious to see the “hotspot” data without the apartment complexes tho, to look for areas that might be more crime-oriented because of location or other reason than just a lot of people living at the same fundamental address.

Anyways, check it out and see what you can see.

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