So what are you teaching our children?

They claim that schools are places to teach… for students to learn.

So what lesson is being taught — and consequently learned — from this?

If the story told is facts and truth…

Yes, he brought a shotgun onto school grounds. It was a mistake. The kid’s an Eagle Scout, and he’s human too (i.e. makes mistakes, just like you do, just like school adminstrators do). The moment he realized his mistake he secured the shotgun and went to the school office to try to contend with it (have Mom come pick it up, or some such solution). He was really left with no options, because if he left school grounds that’d be cause for punishment, so what he could he do? He tried to handle it in a responsible manner, but instead he got suspended and turned over to law enforcement.

The school system is standing by their decision.

“Administration reacted promptly and the proper procedures and protocol were followed,” Jones said. “The situation was turned over to law enforcement immediately. As a result of our investigation, it is our best determination that students and staff were safe at all times.”

They were always safe and never in harms way.

But this is what “zero tolerance” policies do. In fact, it’s what policy tends to be about: something to hide behind.

There is no thinking.

There is no consideration.

There is is no accountability because you can just point to the faceless “policy” and wash your hands of everything. Even those that made the policy, if they are still around, aren’t accountable.

It’s bullshit.

Whatever happened to understanding that youth is a period in our lives rife with mistakes? Thus youth should also be a life period rife with learning and forgiveness. But alas, we’re not allowed to make mistakes anymore. What sort of society are we building?

And what lesson is Cole Withrow and the other students supposed to learn? Thinking is bad? Shirking responsibility is what you do as an adult? Because that’s certainly what “school administrative officials” are doing… all because Cole Withrow made a mistake, and sought to do the responsible thing in correcting it.

Mr. Withrow, no matter how this falls out, don’t let the actions of a few unthinking individuals color and tarnish your view of the world. Yes you made a mistake, but you handled it as right and responsibly as you could.

3 thoughts on “So what are you teaching our children?

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  2. I read this article yesterday and thought ‘my God we have completely lost all grasp of common sense.’ You are right that these policies are in place to provide our “leaders” with a shield to hide behind. There is no room for common sense in a “zero tolerance” policy which is arguably by design.
    Without going into a rant, in my opinion this is all due to the largest deficit this country has. That is the character deficit of its people. We as a society lack character so we settle for leaders who lack character. We expect little of ourselves so we expect little of our leaders. I’m not sure I have the answer to fix this problem but I think we should be thankful for a young man like Master Withrow. I just hope that he is not jaded by this experience and ignores the “lesson” being taught here. This country desperately needs more people like him.

    • Funny you mention ‘character’ because that’s what Scouting is all about: building character. I’d like to reason that if he got his Eagle, he’s got character. So I have some faith that he sees this situation for what it is, and will be stronger and better for it.

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