The key to being fast

During the Rangemaster Instructor Certification course, Tom Givens showed us a video of him shooting the FAST Drill.

The story is that Tom was hosting Todd Louis Green at Rangemaster. Tom had been out and about, returned to the building, poked his head onto the range to see how things were going, and Todd had Tom shoot the FAST Drill. Tom shot it cold, in his street clothing (heavy coat on, must have been winter), with his carry gear.

He cleaned it in less than 6 seconds.

That’s about as good as you can shoot that test without gaming it (e.g. releasing the slide with the slide latch vs. doing an “over the top” grip rack, which Tom did and will only do).

And of course, Tom makes the point that he’s old and fat and still beats us all, so what’s our excuse! He’s right, you know.

His takeaway? Presentation is the key to being fast.

You may not have to shoot.

You may not have to reload.

You may not have to do a lot of things.

But you will have to present.

Practice it.


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