What NOT to do

Here’s what not to do

Full story here. Another article. (h/t the gun wire)

I’ll start out saying a lot of people are referring to a “concealed weapon” or that the man had a “concealed weapons permit”. I saw nothing in the video nor the news articles that give any indication of concealment. I found nothing that mentions the man has a permit/license. The gun was apparently in the car, brought out by the wife, and in plain sight handed to the husband. It’s possible he and/or she have a permit, and perhaps the laws of North Carolina are such that you couldn’t even have a gun in the car without a permit/license. But even still, nothing says one can’t have a gun illegally; not to say they did, just trying to dispel the notion of any sort of permit, license, concealment, etc. since I saw nothing in any article that indicated as such.


It’s obviously a road rage incident, given the words the man starts out with. I’m sure there’s a lot more that preceded this. He’s angry, he got irate, seems to have followed the first vehicle to their destination, approaches with heated words, then punches (assaults) the driver. Naturally, driver takes issue with this attack, and defends himself. Driver’s friend also jumps in. Whether their fisticuffs were reasonable or excessive is for the courts to decide, but it appears they worked to stop the rager’s attack and broke off their defense as soon as they stopped the threat.

Event over.

But now, wife comes out of the car with a gun, casually hands it to husband, and husband takes back off after them. It doesn’t matter if he wanted to injure or kill them, or just scare them, his use of deadly force at this time was not in defense of himself because he was no longer in imminent jeopardy. This is now why:

Bradley Turner is charged with discharging a weapon into property, two counts of assault by pointing a gun, going armed to the terror of the people, injury to personal property and assault. His wife is charged with two counts of assault by pointing a gun, according to a sheriff’s office news release.

And there you go.


Everything done here was wrong. Well, on Mr. & Mrs. Turner’s part.

Road rage. Yes, it’s easy to get angry when someone cuts you off in traffic. You know what? Let it go. Often most “cut-offs” happen as an accident. That is, there is no malicious intent. Yes maybe they were stupid and negligent, but rarely is someone being an asshole. But you know what tends to lead towards asshole driving behavior and escalation? Letting “road rage” happen, by getting angry about it and letting your anger and emotions control you, instead of you controlling your emotions.

Approaching the driver and punching him. Not smart.

Realizing the driver has friends thus you’re outnumbered, yet you still start shit? Really not smart.

Fisticuffs ends. Wife didn’t work to defend her husband, just after the fact handed her husband a gun. Husband then started a second attack, now armed with a gun.

Folks, this is not the way to handle things.

As noted above, Mr. & Mrs. Turner are being charged with a multitude of crimes, and rightly so. If we go back to them being permit holders or not, it really doesn’t matter. Having a CHL/CWP doesn’t authorize you to be a dumbass. It doesn’t authorize you to wantonly kill people or enact revenge. If anything, it bears upon you a greater responsibility to manage and control your actions and your emotions. You are accepting a higher standard of responsibility and accountability and must hold yourself to it.

4 thoughts on “What NOT to do

  1. In NC you need a CHL to carry a loaded gun in a vehicle. A coworker in NC got a CHL just so he could carry in his car.

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