Ammo angle

With the current ammo crunch going on, here’s something to think about.

This came out of the March 2013 Tiger Valley newsletter.

My source did give me some advice for this summer.  There will be a shortage of hunting caliber ammunition.  This is caused by the great interest in black rifle.  It seems that most factories are ramping up to produce the .223 by the train load.

Jives with some things I’ve seen. On the one hand, if you hunt with an obscure caliber that black rifles aren’t chambered for (e.g. .25-06), you may well find the ammo on the shelves. But if you hunt with something like .308 Win (AR-10’s), you may have a hard time finding it. Or it may be that you can find target ammo in the caliber, but not hunting ammo.

Makes sense given the state of things.

Just consider that if you’re going to go deer hunting in the Fall/Winter, it may be worthwhile to look for a box or two now. They’ll keep.

10 thoughts on “Ammo angle

  1. If I had any spare money I would start buying a box of 30.06 every now and then. I know eventually I will buy a rifle in that caliber.
    Or be able to find/trade for one at the end of the world.

    Really this has been a lesson in logistics, planning and manufacturing bottle necks for many people. I don’t think most people realize how few companies actually produce ammo now days.

    • Prior to the current state of events, I made it a habit that any time I walked into an appropriate store (e.g. sporting good store, outdoor outfitter, etc.), to pick up 1 of something worth stocking up on. Be it a box of ammo, or a magazine or whatever.

      That forethought paid off nicely.

      But now I wish I had done more of other things… but you know, you can’t do it all, you can’t predict it all.

      Your last statement is particularly of interest. I mean, while we all love how cheap and plentify .22LR ammo is (was?), it’s really hard right now because only a few people actually have the facility to manufacture it. Thus really only a few do it, and everyone rebrands or has them make their brand for them. And so yeah… .22 is especially hard to get right now.

      Bigger shame is all of the political uncertainty makes the companies not want to invest in infrastructure to grow and increase production capacity. Just like every other industry the past some years: too many problems in Washington, so no one wants to do anything to move us forward. Hooray!

  2. 25:06 obscure..? Not in Wyoming! LOL! I thought ahead and really stocked up on the things that I roll. 10mm Auto, 45ACP, 45 Colt, 38 Special and 357 Mag. 41 Mag, 22/250, 270 Win, and 35 Whelan. I’m also set up for 9mm but have a boatload done plus factory. I am getting low on the better 22LR but have three or so bricks of the cheap stuff.

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