American Politics

Of the American political system, I’ve often said that Republicans want to legislate morality, and use our money to do it; Democrats want to legislate compasion, and use our money to do it; Libertarians want to leave you alone, and you get to keep your money.

Jack Donovan took a different approach, pointing out their contradictions:

The two mainstream groups in American politics are made absurd by obvious internal contradictions.

The “Republicans” position themselves as advocates of small-town values, yet defend the big businesses most responsible for eroding the small business, family farm lifestyles that make those values possible.

How can you save small town values with big businesses?

The “Democrats” are called liberals, and position themselves as champions of personal freedom, yet offer absolutely no solutions that don’t somehow involve increased government regulation or oversight.

How can you increase personal freedom with big government?

Read the rest, it’s short.