(h/t Brian)

So what you’re saying is… criminals use criminal means to get their guns. They don’t go through channels that fill out 4473 forms, that get background checks. Really? You don’t say.

Furthermore, you’re saying that criminals are deterred by someone with a gun, because they don’t want to get shot. That concealed carry does deter them because criminals don’t know who has and who hasn’t a gun (so this means CC even improves the lives of anti-gun folks, security through obscurity).

That if a home is known to have armed residents, they’ll pick the home that is known to have unarmed residents.


Now I’ll grant. This segment was produced by Fox News. You can see some bias crapola, like needing to point out “illegal immigrants” in the lead-in. Interesting choice of prisons too. And I’m sure of all the inmates they interviewed, they cherry picked the ones with the best sound-bites that served their purpose.

But for those that wish to dismiss this video segment, my challenge is to find refutation of what was presented. Go into a prison, talk with inmates and see how many are willing and prefer to victimize gun owners. I’m sure you too can cherry pick and find a gem here and there, but the fact remains that, on the whole, criminals are not stopped by laws, that adding more laws will not stop criminals from performing criminals acts, and that sometimes the only language a predator is willing and able to understand is seeing the teeth of a sheepdog.

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