When Marc MacYoung speaks…

… you’d be wise to listen.

A great interview with Marc MacYoung, discussing all sorts of issues regarding violence and dealing with it. Everyone should read this.

5 thoughts on “When Marc MacYoung speaks…

  1. Didn’t listen to it, but I’ve got a link out to the text of the new law on my blog if anyone wants it….

    • The new NY law, sigh. I saw the ad under your post as part of the post, and it was about NY, and its on my mind. And I need coffee….

      • Ah yeah… that’s just the WordPress Ads thing…. sometimes it flows a little too much into things.

        Marc’s interview is just good reading (the “listen” is kinda like “When E.F. Hutton talks…” sort of thing).

        The NY laws well… that’s another matter to address elsewhere.

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