Austin restricting gun shows?

When you can’t do anything useful, that’s when you “do something”.

And so it goes, with the City of Austin and Travis County considering bans on gun shows.

City of Austin and Travis County officials plan to take steps to ban gun shows on city- and county-owned property — and potentially even curtail them on private property within the city limits, the American-Statesman has learned.

Why would they do such a thing? There’s hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue at stake from just the use of the facilities, then all the sales tax revenue for the city. “In these tough economic times”, why would the city throw away hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue?

“This isn’t a silver bullet that is going to solve all of our problems, but this is our way of saying, ‘What we do have control over in terms of the Austin City Council, we should take a proactive stance to not further enable the distribution and sales of guns through public property or through public facilities,’” [City Council member Mike] Martinez said.

[Travis County Commissioner Sarah] Eckhardt said, “It is all that we can do. It is a drop in the bucket, but if everybody does what they can, in aggregate, I think we will have made a difference.”

Oh I see. They think doing this is somehow going to stop gun violence. That this will somehow stop media-sensationalized mass murder from happening.

I see.

And their data that action A causes result B is where?

But you see, this has nothing to do with logic, and reason and facts.

“I would just prefer that if people want to buy firearms, they do it through a retailer and not through gun shows,” Martinez said.

I would just prefer it.

I wonder how Martinez feels about eBay and Craigslist. And how about all those local Austin farmers and flea markets? Garage sales?

So you see, no rational debate. No rational discussion. No logic. No facts. Just one Councilman’s preference because of his own ignorance and misunderstanding… and a need to “do something”, even tho that something will have no impact upon reduction of violence.

But it sure will have impact upon reduction of city revenue.

Some additional coverage at stainles’ blog and Lawrence Person’s blog.

Consider as well this could lead to breach of contract, and all manner of lawsuits for the city. More things to reduce city revenue. Can the city really afford it?

Look, if y’all think gun shows are hotbeds of criminal activity, then take steps to manage the criminal activity. But preventing law-abiding citizens from engaging in lawful commerce and depriving the city of much needed revenue strikes me as irresponsible behavior in our elected officials.

We will remember these actions on election day.

7 thoughts on “Austin restricting gun shows?

  1. “We will remember these actions on election day.”

    Unfortunately, only one of the city council clowns is actually up for re-election. 😦

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