First, please educate yourself

You know what’s frustrating?

When someone demands their ignorance is right, and refuses to first educate themselves on the topic. They believe plunging headlong with their ignorance is the way to achieve meaningful results.

Look at the topic of global warming. Any time some “tea bagger” brings up how it isn’t happening, there are those that point out the ignorance and wonder how any sort of “meaningful discussion” can be had when the other side is so full of morons.

Well, that’s how a lot of people feel when you want to talk about “gun control” and you have a demonstrable ignorance about “AK-16 automatic assault machine guns with their high capacity clips and shoulder things that go up”.

If you want to pursue the route of gun control, that’s fine, but you’d do well to first educate yourself about guns. Speaking from a position of ignorance shouldn’t be seen as a righteous position.


6 thoughts on “First, please educate yourself

  1. It’s been my observation that all ‘righteous” positions are mostly ignorant of the counterarguments to their position. In these cases the amount of indignation is directly proportional to the ignorance.

  2. I completely shut up a ranting co-worker by informing him that I don’t believe in Global Warming. Since the subject of his rant was how “only a stupid person wouldn’t believe in Global Warming” that must mean he doesn’t think I’m stupid…..or else is to smart to say so to my face anyway. He stood there for a couple seconds with his mouth open, and then returned to his desk. Strangely enough the subject has never come up again, and he avoids politics in my presence now too….

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