How to use Pepper Spray

A great video from SABRE on how to actually and effectively use pepper spray. (h/t Claude Werner)

I like how they cover the gamut:

  • How to actually use the spray
  • That you must know the spray pattern and apply it correctly
    • Thinking “ear to ear” and “across the eyes” is a good cue (for stream/gel sprays)
  • The target (eyes)
  • Body position
  • Getting off the “X” (move)
  • Being prepared
  • Being aware
  • Having the right attitude

It’s an information-dense video, which is fantastic. Watch it a few times. Practice.


4 thoughts on “How to use Pepper Spray

  1. Sabre does a very good job of teaching how to use pepper spray, not just making it and assuming people will figure out how to use it. They also incorporate the pepper spray into a larger context of self defense.

    Fair disclaimer: I am a Sabre certified instructor.

    • Hi Claude. Thank you for stopping by.

      I had an opportunity to take their certification course here in Austin, but wasn’t able to attend since I had just taken a new job and getting the day off wasn’t going to happen. But I’m on their mailing list and I’m going to keep looking for opportunities to take their course and get their cert. Hearing that endorsement from you is good… I know it’ll be time well spent.

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