First veggies, now beef

For over a year now we’ve been a member of Johnson’s Backyard Garden, getting our weekly CSA boxes of locally grown veggies. It appealed to us for numerous reasons: locally grown, seasonal, variety of diet, fresher and better tasting, more nutritious, less time at the grocery store, less processing and preservatives, closer to how it came from the Earth, and many other reasons. But one of the biggest was being able to know where your food came from.

So much of the problem with modern food is we don’t know where it came from, and then we’re shocked when we find out what’s really behind it. Consider the meat you eat. On second thought, maybe you shouldn’t because you’d probably be appalled and swear off meat.

For the past couple years we have bought sides of beef from our local butcher. We knew where the meat was coming from, and we could get it processed just like we wanted it. Aged as we wanted it, cut as thick as we wanted, whatever. Yes, once you try it this way you really don’t want to go back to buying cuts as needed at the grocery store. Alas, I found out our butcher doesn’t do sides any more. Lamenting my loss, schnookiemuffin told me about her friends at Sand Creek Farm. After a little discussion, a calf was bought (and a lamb too), and away we went.

I just returned from picking it up.

The freezer is full.

Ben and Alysha Godfrey, the farmers, run a neat operation. Consider how they run their operation. They care and manage everything from the ground up, literally. That sort of care and concern goes a long way. Plus there’s a great deal they do to strive for and maintain high standards of quality. I’m most impressed. Plus they’re some of the nicest folks I’ve met. It’s a shame we couldn’t stay longer, but we had to get our meat and hustle back home to tend to prior engagements. But we will be back!

Anyways, I’ll write more about the meat… and the milk…. because I’ve already tried some, and, it’s an experience.

It’s nice to know where your food came from, and to know you’re feeding your body and the bodies of your family with truly good food.

9 thoughts on “First veggies, now beef

  1. I have started growing my own veggies, both because I love gardening and also because of all the reasons you have already stated. I am ignoring the meat problem, as going to a butcher as opposed by shopping at supermarkets is way more expensive….

    • It seems to depend… shop around. My local butcher stopped because of the expense. But after doing the math here on this beef purchase, it was about $5.75/pound (of edible meat in the freezer). I think that’s alright given the variety of cuts you’re getting… it’s hard to price it out completely and I just don’t have the gumpton to sit down and do all the tedious math. But on the whole it seems alright, and for higher quality meat? I’ll take it. It’s just WAY expensive up front, but if you’ve got the ability to store it all…

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  4. Thanks for posting this. My wife and I have been looking for a good local place to buy meat. Will have to check out Sand Creek Farm. Are you still liking their service and product?

    • Yup! Very pleased, especially with the way they do business. Being 2 hours away makes it a little less optimal of a choice, but as long as you plan and contend with that, it works out alright.

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