Apex Tactical and the Shield

Apex Tactical posted the following to their Facebook page, regarding the M&P Shield.

But instead of me reposting here, just go read the full “Info Release”… it’s long, but worthwhile.

So they are developing a “Shield Carry Kit” (SCK), but I guess it’s not yet a product. Everyone’s asking tho, so they’re releasing info as they have it.

I know one guy that put the regular M&P Apex hard sear in and saw major improvement. Based upon Apex’s Info Release, that seems solid and good to do, at least in preliminary testing. I know some have also applied regular M&P trigger job mods (Google around) and achieved good results. It all makes sense, given the same internal parts.

At this point I’m not going to change from the factory trigger, because I want to see how some novice students fare with the gun in stock form. But I am thinking that I may just get the Apex hard sear for the regular M&P, drop that in, and be happy. If they later come out with the SCK that changes more things and provides more overall improvement then I may upgrade to that too. We’ll see, no rush.

But cool to see things moving in the Shield world.


One thought on “Apex Tactical and the Shield

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