Open carry oddness

Just returned from running some errands. While out and about, I stopped into a Thai restaurant for lunch.

While there, I noticed a gentleman in plain clothes with a Glock openly on his hip. Surprised me a wee bit because you just don’t see that here since open carry isn’t legal in Texas… unless you’re in law enforcement. But that’s the thing. I saw nothing that led me to believe this man was in law enforcement, as most cops I see doing this wear their shield on their belt, typically right next to their holster. Nada, that I could see.

He was sitting with a woman… who also had a Glock openly on her hip.

What struck me tho was the holsters they were using. His appeared to be some cheap leather thumb-break retention holster, and hers was some sort of kydex “slide” type of holster, and I didn’t see any retention on it. But I could be wrong about this stuff because I didn’t exactly stare at them to figure this all out. I was curious to ask them, but how do you start this conversation without being really awkward? 🙂

So while all curious, probably only curious to me.

Because the bigger thing?

No one seemed to care.

Lots of people in the restaurant, and no one was flinching or freaking out or running screaming… nor any blood flowing in the street.

It was just… no… big… deal.

7 thoughts on “Open carry oddness

  1. It’s very possible that they had no idea open carry is illegal in Texas. I have had a few students over the years who actually got through the CHL class and failed to learn that important fact. Interestingly enough none of them ever got busted for open carrying.

    • I thought about that as well, especially because with the gear they had well… I thought what local cop shop would have such poor gear?

      But to me the bigger takeaway was that no one cared….

      • I was in a restaurant a few weeks ago and saw three brand new cops right out of the academy ordering lunch and wearing some of the crappiest gear I could imagine. Fobus and Ace case stuff.

        I almost wanted to ask them if they were up for donations from my box of holsters.

        BTW, I was with a buddy while hunting and we went into a restaurant in the hill country, and my buddy forgot to put his cover garment on when he walked into the restaurant. No one cared… except my buddy who about had a heart attack when he realized he was open carrying.

        • I will say… some LEO’s have to buy their own gear, and so, cost will be a factor and I can understand if some gear compromises might be made.

          And yes, most people won’t care… at least, in much of Texas. Get into the bigger cities (Austin, Houston) and that’ll change tho.

  2. Having previously resided in an open-carry state for most of my life, when I relocated to Texas, I thought it was odd that Texas of all states didn’t allow open carry.

    • Yup… of all the states that you think would have it. There’s been efforts in the Legislature to change this, but it hasn’t taken hold just yet.

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