M&P Shield accessories

I caved.

I have put in an order for an M&P Shield in 9mm.

I like what the gun has to offer. It’s not too small, but it’s small enough. I also think it’ll be good as a teaching gun for folks with smaller hands.

But, from the factory the M&P Shield needs work, as is the case with most factory guns.

The big 3 I wondered about:

1. holster support.

2. replacement sights

3. Apex Tactical trigger kit

I sent an email to Comp-Tac asking about holster accessories for the Shield. Their response (as of this writing):

Hi John,

Thanks for checking with us on the M&P Shield. At this point we do not have any official timeframe on if/when the Shield may become an available model for our holsters. I’ve recorded that we received another request for it though. Hopefully as we get more requests and are able to track the sales of this firearm a little better it will get moved up on the To Do list.

Once it looks like we have some solid info on this model we’ll be sure to announce it on our monthly newsletter and Facebook page. Thanks again for checking with us and have a great day!

Tiffany F.

A most acceptable response at this time.

It also says that you should drop them a line because they are keeping track of the requests.

As for sights, I emailed Dawson Precision, but as of this writing I haven’t heard anything.

And I emailed Apex Tactical wondering if there’d be a DCAEK for the Shield. Don’t need the RAM, in theory, since the Shield has a tactile reset. But who knows….

My thinking is, if I can replicate my full-sized M&P9, that would be great.

Folks: the bottom line is to speak up. These companies are all good about listening to their customers (which is one reason I give them my patronage), so speak up!

8 thoughts on “M&P Shield accessories

  1. Dawson said

    Yes we have them available.

    We think the dovetails are the same.  If you want us to install sights, we can.  If the dovetails are slightly off, we can adjust for it.

    Thank you,
    Technical Dept
    Dawson Precision

    • Ah excellent… they got back to you before they got back to me. :_)

      It might be good to let them do the ground-breaking work on the gun, to help them figure things out.

      I do think the dovetails are the same… it sure seemed it. Just seemed to require a more narrow sight due to the obvious thinner profile of the Shield. I also wonder about heights, so that you can get say a POI == POA @ 25 yards with 124 grain Gold Dot +P

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