SpotCrime – because crime is (unfortunately) all around you

Clearing out the inbox and I came across something I’ve meant to write about for some time.


It’s a crime website and database.

It’s kinda like KrimeLabb, but for the whole US, not just Austin, Texas. In fact for those of us living in Austin, you might find both resources useful because KrimeLabb is more detailed, and both provide unique and different ways of viewing the data.

Go ahead. Check it out. Plug in your home address. Plug in your work address. Look at areas that you frequent in your daily life, like the grocery store, shopping mall, movie theater, parks, schools. Whatever.

You’ll find that no where is immune to crime. Sure some places have more, some places have less. Some places may see more of one type of crime. Heck, I even punched in the address of the Austin Police Department Headquarters, and look at all the crime that happens within a stone’s throw of it!

I don’t point this out to make people scared or paranoid. I point this out to make people aware of the reality. Statistically speaking, you probably do live and frequent “safe” places. But do those statistics make you feel any better after your home has been ransacked? Do numbers bring any comfort to the rape victim? Use this knowledge ahead of time. Take steps to minimize your chances of becoming part of the statistics. Do things to minimize making yourself look appetizing. Keep the exterior of your house well lit. Get and use an alarm system, and a big and useful dog. Don’t live in “code white”. The list goes on, and it’s not necessarily difficult to do… you just have to do it.


One thought on “SpotCrime – because crime is (unfortunately) all around you

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