I detect a theme…

Maybe cosmic forces are at work here, telling me (and you) to pay attention to something.

It was a topic in classes this past weekend. I blogged about it prior to the classes and honestly the motivation for that was the car incident a few days prior to writing, not at all thinking about the forthcoming classes.

And now, Michael Bane in the Down Range Radio podcast #257 talks about it.

It’s about violent encounters, and ensuring you have a plan — or an index card, as Michael puts it — for a situation.

As it was said in all three instances: it’s about getting you home alive.

Michael’s discussions starts around 34:47 into the podcast. At 49:26 Karl Rehn gets a mention, because Karl is a pioneer and leader in Force-on-Force training.

And Michael, if in fact you do want to have Seeklander and Janich do a segment on this next season? You should have Karl on the show as well. You’ve acknowledged him numerous times in your podcast in this context — including this very one — so I think it would only make sense to have him on there to help discuss this topic. I’m not speaking for Karl at all, just speaking my own opinion on it.

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