How not to handle a gun

Seen over at Unc’s

All sorts of displays of how not to handle a gun.

2:59 – pointing gun at the lady on her left.

3:00 – her own hand in front of the muzzle, still pointing gun at the lady to her left.

3:05 – yes, your gun handling is making me very nervous

3:07 – well, you’ve got some good trigger finger discipline

3:08 – again, her hand right over the muzzle

3:09 – waving the gun at the lady to her left

3:11 – called!!

3:12 – “but it’s empty”. BULLSHIT! All guns are always loaded. Never point a gun at anything you’re not willing to destroy. ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction. And no, I do not believe your promise, I cannot believe your promise.

3:14 – “let’s just show folks”… show them what? That now you’re pointing the muzzle at them (the camera)?

3:15 – “take the clip out”. Clip? AARRRGH!!!

3:16 – still no idea what a safe direction is. And all she did was rack it and then press the trigger. She did NOT perform any sort of visual nor tactile chamber check. Guess she doesn’t realize that extractors can fail, that rounds can be stuck in dirty chambers. Granted, she probably did confirm the state of the gun before recording this segment, but she’s still making a poor showing on how to safely handle a gun… while trying to convince us that the gun is safe and she’s a safe gun handler. *headdesk*

3:18 – again with the muzzle in the hand.

And I couldn’t watch any more.

Jan, I appreciate what you’re trying to do, but you’re doing it wrong.

Please review the rules. Now. For the sake of everyone, including yourself. And please don’t just review them, please put them into practice every time you handle a gun.

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