Tyler Kee (TTAG) visits KR Training

(argh, I hate it when WordPress eats my posts)

Tyler Kee, a writer over at The Truth About Guns, took part in a recent KR Training class.

Read his review/AAR here.

With bonus picture of a tall ugly guy.

Tyler, thank you for the kind words. It was a pleasure to have you out. You were a good student and did well. When you come back out for Defensive Pistol Skills 2, I’m sure you’ll do just fine with the pre-class pop quiz. 🙂  Just remember: slow down, get acceptable hits.

6 thoughts on “Tyler Kee (TTAG) visits KR Training

  1. His AAR has convinced me that KR is where I will be going when it comes time to get my CHL class. His review presents you all as professionals and that is what I am looking for.

  2. Ric – The KR Training CHL classes are taught by Tom Schaefer, another of my instructor team, at his private facility south of the Austin airport (not the A-Zone range discussed in Tyler’s article, which is my range where we teach all the non-CHL classes). Tom was an academy instructor with Austin PD, was on the APD pistol team, is an NRA instructor in multiple disciplines, college degrees in criminal justice & psychology. More importantly he worked with APD for 25 years, dealt with real bad guys on the street, has testified in many court cases in Austin/Travis County. Many of our competitors in the CHL instruction market in the Austin area are just hobbyist shooters or competitors with no street and court experience. Tom’s been teaching the CHL class since day 1 of the CHL program (longer than any of our competitors), thousands of students. I’m sure you’ll enjoy his CHL course.


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