What helps manage risk?

What helps manage risk?

Donʼt go to stupid places; donʼt associate with stupid people; donʼt do stupid things. We will add to that, be in bed by 10 oʼclock.


Have a “normal” appearance. Just look normal. If you have a flashy personality, you are going to attract attention.


Nothing good happens out after midnight. If you made no other lifestyle change other than being in bed by 10 oʼclock, you would avoid 99% of the bad things that would ever happen to you. Nothing good is going to happen to people who stay out late at night, particularly when you are carrying a gun.

John Farnam, from the Feb. 2012 newsletter of the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network

3 thoughts on “What helps manage risk?

  1. I totally agree with you. I call it being aware of where you are and what happens around you. Avoid places where you can get in trouble and, like you say, this will avoid 99% of the bad things.

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