Why you don’t mess with old people

However, before [the wanted fugitive] could climb the fence, Willis came face-to-face with [the 64-year-old] Granville, who pointed a gun right at his face and said, “Don’t you move mother f*****, I will shoot you! I will shoot you where you stand!”

For a mother who loves John Wayne and has a concealed weapon’s license, that was her moment.

“He says, ‘Please don’t shoot me, please don’t shoot me.’ I says, ‘Don’t you move, you’re moving.’ I said, ‘Don’t you move.’ Then, he put his hands behind his head. I says, ‘You’re moving!” Granville described.

Granville said she didn’t know if Willis had a weapon, so she kept her gun trained on him until deputies arrived.

Just awesome. Full story.

The sad part tho is the reality of why she felt the need to arm herself in the first place.

Granville said she’s been shooting guns her entire life, but it was previous drug deals and a murder on her street that motivated her to arm herself to keep her family safe.

“They’ll shoot you, they’ll break in. They’ll get whatever they want, and I says it’s not going to happen to me because I will shoot them,” Granville said.

But at least she accepts the reality of her situation and is willing to do something about it herself, instead of delegating the responsibility for her  safety to someone else (and then being surprised and angry when reality demonstrates they can’t save her).

2 thoughts on “Why you don’t mess with old people

  1. Us old people can’t afford to get hurt or robbed; it makes us a little more ruthless when it comes to defending ourselves and our property.

  2. The elderly are strong in their intellect, their beliefs and morals, and their ways. You do not mess with them. What ever happened to respect?

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