That’s very cool, Moneydance

Readers may remember about a year ago I was looking for a new personal finance program and decided upon Moneydance.

Still using Moneydance. Still happy with my purchase. Sure, some of the Java GUI quirks bug me, but the reality is it does all I want and does it pretty well. I’m pleased.

But here’s something really cool they recently did: they revamped their license. They made it a lot simpler. For personal users, it’s one license per household. Doesn’t matter how many people use it, how many computers it’s installed on, how many different OS’s it’s installed under, how many data files, whatever. And “As always, we promise that we’ll never sunset our software, remove functionality from older versions, or force you to upgrade.” Which is pretty nice. Speaking as a software developer, that’s a tough promise to keep, so I applaud their efforts.

What I also dug was their reasoning:

Why are we making this change? First, because we recognize that the world is changing:  households may now be multi-generational, include blended families or housemates, or have other structures which are more complex than two adults sharing finances. Second, because we wanted to even further simplify our licensing agreement. Finally, we want to make it easier for kids, teens, and students to learn about personal finance, and we believe that Moneydance can be a great tool for the entire family.

Very cool.

4 thoughts on “That’s very cool, Moneydance

  1. It looks pretty interesting. Do you use it on multiple computers? If you do, how do you synchronize it between them?

  2. Hey Johnny, Angie from Moneydance support here. I use Dropbox to keep my file sync’d between my computers, and it’s the tool we suggest people use if they want to access their file from more than one computer. My file is stored in Dropbox, the appropriate versions of Moneydance are installed on each of my computers (a Mac and a PC), and I can open the file from each of the computers because Moneydance uses a cross-platform compatible file format. It’s important to only have the file open from one computer at a time (data corruption and all that), but Dropbox has worked great for me for years. (Moneydance is not affiliated with Dropbox, but the whole Moneydance team uses it.)

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