When was the last time…

… you maintained your carry gear?

Tim relayed this story to me:

I went shooting last Thursday [with a friend]. His gun was having multiple malfunctions and when I checked it it was pretty much dry. That was his carry gun and that’s scary!

Yes, that is. This is the tool you rest your life upon. You want it to work when you need it.

I recall a couple of years ago, a friend came over to my house. When he racked the slide on his carry gun to unload it, I cringed from the sound of everything grinding — the gun was so dry.

So when was the last time you oiled your gun?

If it’s a carry gun, it doesn’t need to be sopping wet, but it needs something. Consider treating your parts with Militec-1 if the liquids could be an issue for you. Moving parts, where metal meets metal, thus friction and grind occurs, you need lubrication.

How about your holster? All the screws tight? Blue Loctite applied to the threads?

Flashlight have good batteries?

Spare magazine in good shape?

How about your springs? any spring anywhere in the whole of the system. How are they looking?

Like any tool, be it a hammer, your car, a knife, a gun, whatever. Everything lasts longer and performs better with a little maintenance. Doesn’t take much time, but the payoff is well worth it.

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