Hot Shots

A new show on NBC Sports Outdoors called Hot Shots.

There’s a lot of shooting sports and gun-related TV shows, and a lot of it I just don’t care for. I like shooting, I don’t care about drama, especially “reality” drama. But this “Hot Shots” show seemed, from the advertisements, to be fairly drama-free. The impression I received was it was going to follow some of the top names in shooting sports as they do their thing. Any drama is just what comes up in life, perhaps with narration and bed music to add some drama, but no “reality” drama. Thus, the show seemed like it might be worth watching. And hey… Jerry Miculek? Any chance to see him shoot I’ll take.

So I watched the premiere episode. I enjoyed it. Sure there was drama, but it was “life drama” not “reality drama”.

I did find it interesting there wasn’t much background biography given on the guys. A little bit, but I wondered if you didn’t already know who these guys were, would the casual viewer really know who they were watching? As well, not a lot of explanation of things. For instance, this episode had a lot about the Steel Challenge, and they didn’t talk much about it to help those that didn’t know understand just what it was.

But as I think about it, I think it’s a fine balance being struck. It needs to cater to viewers that know what’s going on as well as those that do not. As someone who has some idea what’s going on, I appreciate they didn’t waste a lot of time explaining things. But they did explain enough, I think, to at least provide context. I’d like to see if future episodes add to the exposition and explanation to help viewers put it all into perspective.

Lots of shooting, not a lot of filler, but what non-shooting stuff there was cool towards showing all that these guys have to do… behind the scenes, if you will.

I enjoyed it. Good entertainment. I’ll watch again.

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