Imagine a world without guns

Can you imagine what the world would be like if we didn’t have guns?

Utopia, eh?

Some people decided to take a logical look at what would happen if we actually did eliminate guns from the world. Click and give it a read. (h/t CSSA_CILA)

I’m sure there are many that won’t like the conclusion:

To imagine a world with no guns is to imagine a world in which the strong rule the weak, in which women are dominated by men, and in which minorities are easily abused or mass-murdered by majorities. Practically speaking, a firearm is the only weapon that allows a weaker person to defend himself from a larger, stronger group of attackers, and to do so at a distance. As George Orwell observed, a weapon like a rifle “gives claws to the weak.”

The failure of imagination among people who yearn for a gun-free world is their naive assumption that getting rid of claws will get rid of the desire to dominate and kill. They fail to acknowledge the undeniable fact that when the weak are deprived of claws (or firearms), the strong will have access to other weapons, including sheer muscle power. A gun-free world would be much more dangerous for women, and much safer for brutes and tyrants.

Indeed. Removing inanimate objects from the world doesn’t cause the world to get better (or to get worse). We have to remember that all the “evils” in this world are backed by people. As well, all the “good” in this world is also backed by people. When solving a problem, it’s generally not productive to address symptoms, but to instead go after the root cause. So, we should be looking at people.

Instead of imagining a world without a particular technology, what about imagining a world in which the human heart grows gentler, and people treat each other decently? This is part of the vision of many of the world’s great religions. Although we have a long way to go, there is no denying that hundreds of millions of lives have changed for the better because people came to believe what these religions teach.

If a truly peaceful world is attainable — or, even if unattainable, worth striving for — there is nothing to be gained from the futile attempt to eliminate all guns. A more worthwhile result can flow from the changing of human hearts, one soul at a time.

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