AT&T debacle – coda?

So my AT&T troubles….

When last we left off, someone was to come out on Christmas Even between 2 and 6 to fix things. A tech came out to the house earlier in the day. Alas, since the problem wasn’t directly reproducing he couldn’t be sure it was fixed. Given the work I do as a computer programmer, I totally understand a need to be able to reproduce the problem in order to fix it. He did what he could, looking at the line, seeing a problem out on the line about 500 feet from the house. He went out, found some switch, replaced it, came back to check and the analysis looked better and closer to normal. Still, we weren’t sure if that was the actual fix.

Turns out it wasn’t.

Christmas morning and the phone line was back to being dead.

The tech had given me his card with his direct number on it. I called it, left a message (it was his day off; besides, no need to bother with this on Christmas). This morning he called me back and said as soon as he’s in the area he’ll stop by and look into things. As soon as I arrived back home from the music store with Daughter’s new cymbals, the AT&T truck had just pulled up a few minutes prior. He tested the outside line, the inside line, and looked at everything. Looks like there was a short on one of the lines running into the house. He was able to switch things over to another set of wires, and viola. Things are working.

And so, hopefully this ends the saga.

Now don’t get me wrong. Many people along the way here were nice people, good people, trying to do what they could. Certainly this tech was a good guy, continued to work at the problem until it was fixed. I don’t have a problem with the individual people along the way. The problem has been AT&T themselves — the giant “bureaucrazy”. It would tell me one thing, then require of me another. It would only have so much information, and generally it was never the right nor enough information. One group didn’t know what the other group was doing. Lots of contradictory information, even between what the employees knew and said about procedure and policy. It was just a giant mess, lots of communication FAIL. That was the problem, and it’s a huge problem.

Alas, I don’t foresee AT&T fixing the problem. They’re too big and what motivation do they have to actually fix it? I’d love to be proven wrong.

Well, we’ll see what happens. I have requested to be credited for the almost 2 weeks of downtime. Yes in the end it seems to have been a wiring issue within my house, but why should it have taken 2 weeks to get here? Why should I have gotten the runaround and hassle from AT&T like I did?

Well, whatever. Hopefully this goes quietly into the night.

7 thoughts on “AT&T debacle – coda?

    • We have the “inline” repair plan… part of the whole options package we have. So no, we shouldn’t be charged at all for it.

      There are times I think about dumping that, it’s like extended warranties and such. But then, something like this happens and it makes it VERY well worth the price you paid over time, given the moment they set foot into the house it’s like $100 and up.

  1. Alot of this is common across customer service these days. How much so varies from company to company, but not many manage to avoid it altogether (I’ve worked lots and lots of it, both face to face and phone based, I do my damnedest to NOT be that person handing out wrong information but some people don’t seem to care, and that doesn’t take into account that the “system” can provide false details). I ought to tell you the story of one of my Amazon orders back in the spring……

    • Oh, do tell if you so desire.

      I actually got a call from one of AT&T’s reps this morning. She wanted to hear the whole story and I told her everything. We’ll see if anything comes of it. Again, every person has been polite, friendly, understanding, and helpful. No one has come across as trying to be malicious or lazy or anything bad. But there’s something broken in AT&T’s system such that people don’t know policies, what’s going on, how things work, and then all the conflicting behaviors and information. There’s a bigger issue for AT&T to address, but alas, I doubt the troubles of one guy in Texas are enough to make them care.

      Who knows.

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