Lack of civility

 “People were getting pushed, and they had to keep stopping on air telling people to stop pushing, and then there was fighting, and then we had to end it early,” said WJLB intern Chevelle Potts.

There were hundreds of people inside the mall to see several singers like Diggy Simmons and Bow Wow who were set to perform for the fundraiser, but the fighting broke out before they even took the stage.  “It was a lack of security, and we had to bring in the Southfield police,” said Potts.

Full Story.

I think commenter “feckingmorons” said it best:

It wasn’t a lack of security, it was a lack of civility. Civil people don’t fight over free coats.

It speaks of the mindset. Individuals were not held responsible for their behavior. No, it was someone else’s fault: it was the mall’s fault or the radio station’s fault or the promoter’s fault for not providing enough security.



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